Welcome to Nhost

Nhost is a full-fledged serverless backend for Jamstack and client-serverless applications. It enables developers to build dynamic websites without having to worry about infrastructure, data storage, data access and user management.

Nhost was inspired by Google Firebase, but uses SQL, GraphQL and has no vendor lock-in.

#Get started

If you are new to Nhost we recommend the quick start guide. You will learn the basic concepts with Nhost and build a Todo-app with react.

#Discover Nhost

Every Nhost project is a production ready backend:


PostgreSQL is the world's most advanced open-source relational database. Your data will be instantly accessible over GraphQL and any modification to your database instance can be done through the Hasura console.


Hasura provides access to your data layer through an instant realtime GraphQL API based on your PostgreSQL database. Managing your data, schemas, permissions, event triggers, remote schemas, etc is done through the Hasura console.


A realtime GraphQL API with full CRUD capabilities is instantly available.


Register, login and manage users. Either with email and password or via external OAuth providers such as GitHub, Google, Facebook, etc. All users are stored in a users table.


Let users upload and download files. Control what users are allowed to read/write using storage security rules. All files are stored in a MinIO S3 server which you also have direct access to.

Open Source

All software in a Nhost project is open-source. This means no vendor lock-in.

GitHub integration

Connect your GitHub repository to your Nhost project. Push changes for automatic deployment to production.