Local users

The easiest way for users to signup is using email and password. All users are stored in the users table, and relevant account information is saved in the tables under the auth schema.

Passwords are hashed using bcrypt with multiple salt rounds.

#Quick Start

The easiest way to register and login users is with nhost-js-sdk.


npm install --save nhost-js-sdk


In ex /src/utils/nhost.js:

import { createClient } from "nhost-js-sdk";

const config = {
  baseURL: "https://backend-REPLACE.nhost.app",

const { auth, storage } = createClient(config);

export { auth, storage };


Register a user:

import { auth } from "utils/nhost";

const email = "elon@tesla.com";
const password = "123123";

auth.register({ email, password });

Login user:

import { auth } from "utils/nhost";

const email = "elon@tesla.com";
const password = "123123";

auth.login({ email, password });

Learn more about the nhost-js-sdk.

Learn more about the Auth API Reference.

#Manage users

All users are manageable in the Nhost console in the Auth tab.

Users overview in Nhost